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Inspired by the missing pages of history, Hypatia and the Heathens is an interactive tragicomic operock musical about the absurdity of power, lots and lots of scrolls, and the toll of tales untold.

Expertly grounded in strong characters and writing to explore a not-oft discussed time in history that can inform our present on multiple hot button issues from religion in politics to women’s rights…the vibrant score is essentially different styled pieces sown with care together as if each one was pulled from different sections of the library…Gone also are the harems and mistaken identity tropes, and in is the…gender fluidity and strong diverse cast.

Natalie Rine, OnStage Blog

A new musical about the Houdini brothers

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  • Polyamory: The Musical!
  • Atlantis! The Musical
  • Dangersparkle and the Lion: The Musical
  • Why Don’t I Have a Girlfriend? The Musical!
  • … and more….

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