Lia Tamborra

Lia Barcellona Tamborra

An award-winning performer, writer, facilitator and consultant. She received her BFA in Theater from NYU, where she focused on creating original work. She can often be found delighting audiences across the globe, and has written, performed in, and produced several original musicals. With her backgrounds in education and applied theater, Lia brings her storytelling and teambuilding expertise into corporate settings, museums and cultural institutions, educational institutions, conferences, parties and more.

Miami Dade
Embodied Poetics

“Her small stature only exacerbates her strength and command of the stage…” as she transforms to a Grecian-equivalent of a worshiped TED Talker celebrity status with each increasingly fervent song.”

Christopher Peterson

– OnStage Blog

Also, the singers are terrific, especially Lia Tamborra who stars as Hypatia (and also co-wrote the book and songs, and is pictured above left). There are times when Tamborra achieves magic, such as when she schools the audience on what’s most important in life, and them combines those lessons into a song that’s memorable and surprisingly moving.

Original Shows

Inspired by the missing pages of history, Hypatia and the Heathens is an interactive tragicomic operock musical about the absurdity of power, lots and lots of scrolls, and the toll of tales untold.

Expertly grounded in strong characters and writing to explore a not-oft discussed time in history that can inform our present on multiple hot button issues from religion in politics to women’s rights…the vibrant score is essentially different styled pieces sown with care together as if each one was pulled from different sections of the library…Gone also are the harems and mistaken identity tropes, and in is the…gender fluidity and strong diverse cast.

Natalie Rine

– OnStage Blog